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Pump Products:

Hydro Titan
End Suction/Back Pull Out Pumps
Flow to 3600m3/h, 1000 L/s  
Head to: 160 m
Super Titan
Split Case / Double Suction Pumps
Flow to 18000m3/h, 5000 L/s
Head to: 300 m
Horizontal Multistage Pumps
Flow to 2880m3/h, 800 L/s
Head to: 1200 m
VML Real
Vertical Mixed Flow/VTP Pumps
Flow to 57600m3/h, 16000 L/s
Head to: 800 m
Primo Titan
Self Priming Pumps
Flow to 580m3/h, 160 L/s
Head to: 80 m
Sewage Pump
Sewage Pumps
Flow to 18000m3/h, 5000 L/s
Head to: 100 m
Titan Slurry
Slurry & Gravel Pumps
Flow to 10080m3/h, 2800 L/s
Head to: 100 m
Chemical & Process Pumps
Flow to 2160m3/h, 600 L/s
Head to: 450 m
TKL Riva
Concrete Volute Pumps
Flow to 25200m3/h, 7000 L/s
Head to: 20 m

Updated 16th September 2014