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Chemical & Process Pumps

CPX   Chemical

Process Fluids

Brands: Durco M3-ISO

Flow: 278 L/s (1000m3/h) 

Head: 150m

Sizes: 25-200mm

Standards: ISO5199

Misc: Reverse vane and Open impeller, Back pull-out, 3mm corrosion allowance


Brands: Durco M3-ANSI

Flow: 210 L/s (750m3/h)

Head: 160m

Sizes: 25-250mm

Standards: ANSI

Misc: Reverse vane Back pull-out, Oil-lube bearings, Semi-open impeller


Brands: Durco Polychem

Flow: 410 L/s(1480m3/h)

Head: 100m

Sizes: 25-250mm

Standards: ANSI

Misc: Non-metallic, Non-sparking, Back pull-out

HT Process

Brands: HT Process

Flow: 250 L/s (900m3/h)

Head: 140m

Sizes: 50-250mm

Standards: ISO2858/API

Misc: Back pull-out, Mechanical seal, Closed impeller


Updated 16th September 2014