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Experience In Motion

Split Case / Double Suction Pumps

Split Case

Water Service

Super Titan

Brands: Super-Titan, LNN, LR

Flow: 2700 L/s (9700m3/h)

Head: 190m 

Sizes: 150-700mm

Misc: Standard version, Horizontal & Vertical, Grease or oil lube, Packed or Mechanical Seal


Brands: SC

Flow: 5000 L/s (18000m3/h)

Head: 200m

Sizes: up to 1200mm & larger

Misc: Large specials, Custom design, Horizontal & Vertical

Process Fluids


Brands: LR, LN

Flow: 4000 L/s (14400m3/h)

Head: 200m

Sizes: 40-750mm

Standards: API610 version

Misc: High efficiency, Some double volute, Horizontal & Vertical


Updated 16th September 2014