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Vertical Mixed Flow / VTP Pumps


Water Service

VML Real

Brands: VTP, VML

Flow: 300 L/s (1100m3/h) 

Head: 300m

Sizes: 130-450mm

Misc: Borehole, Lineshaft, Product/oil lub, Compact installation


Brands: Pleuger

Flow: 19000 L/s (68000m3/h)

Head: 800m

Sizes: 100-1200mm

Misc: Borehole, Submersible, Deep settings, Pleuger motors


Brands:   VCT, MFD, VDP Large Axial Flow and Mixed Flow pumps

Flow: 16000 L/s (200,000m3/h)

Head: 250m

Sizes: up to 2500mm and larger

Misc: Large flows, Custom design, Pit/surface

Process Fluids


Brands: WUC

Flow: 1100 L/s (3960m3/h)

Head: 800m

Sizes: 40-500mm

Standards: API/ASME

Misc: Can type, Custom built, Inducer option


Updated 16th September 2014